Orioles Lose Swing Game, 5-1

Kris Benson loses again, he’s 9-9 on the season.

Benson did not continue his steady pitching from his last start. He went 6 innings giving 9 hits (3 homeruns) and 5 runs. Even with his excellent last start his ERA is 7.07 in his last 4 starts. I’m not too worried about it, I think thats just what you have to expect from Kris Benson. Hes gonna give you some good starts, some bad, but mostly just enough. He’ll give you an ERA in the mid 4’s and have an about een record. Hes the kind of pitcher good teams have as a 4th or 5th starter. He could be an important piece next year if we make some moves and try to compete. Bruce Chen came on and actually pitched very well for 3 innings. He didn’t give up any hits or walks and struck out 3. With all the dumping we should be doing before the trade deadline, Chen could actually be of some use, if hes still here, keeping the bullpen warm for next year.

As for the offense, it struggled as excpected. The lefty Cy Young candidate was on the mound and he did as good as you would expect against the O’s lineup that can’t hit lefties to save their lives. The only surprise was that he only recorded 2 strikeouts. The O’s only had 6 hits and only one was for extra bases (a double by Kevin Millar). Millar actually had 2 hits and the only run. The other hits came from Nick Markakis, Luis Terrero, Corey Patterson, and Ramon Hernandez (who had the only RBI). Brian Roberts got the day off with Chris Gomez getting his first start since rejoining the O’s. He went 0-3 with 2 GIDPs. I was surprised to see Hernandez back behind the plate today after catching last night in a game that lasted past 11PM. Javy Lopez back was bothering him and he couldn’t give Hernandez the day off. I don’t expect Hernandez to last very long if he doesn’t get some rest every once in a while. I can’t wait to get rid of Javy, so we can actually have a real back up catcher. Not a back up hitter (if you wanna call him that) that catches every once in a while.

Markakis watch: 1-3 (.278)

The O’s get the day off tomorrow before heading down to Tampa Bay to try and hold off the Devil Rays for 4th place. Erike Bedard (11-6, 4.02) pitches, so we should be able to win. He goes against lefty (DOH!) Casey Fossum (3-3, 4.91). Go O’s.


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