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O’s Blow Lead, Win In Extras 7-4

August 31, 2006

LaTroy Hawkins manages to get his 3rd win of the season.


Kris Benson pitched a marvelous game and deserved to get the win, but the bullpen blew it for him again. Benson went 7 innings and gave up 2 runs (both on solo homers), 5 hits, and 2 walks. He struck out 4 batters. When he left the game he had a 4-2 lead and 2 innings to go. In came Todd Williams, and there went the lead. While managing to get one out, Williams let in 2 runs on 2 hits. Chris Ray came in and got out of the inning. LaTroy Hawkins then came in and pitched 2 solid, scoreless innings to earn the victory.


Nick Markakis was moved to the 3rd spot in the lineup for the first time, where he should stay for about 15 more years. In his first at bat in the new order, Markakis hit his 13th homerun. If you don’t remember, he also hit a homerun in his first at bat in the 2nd spot in the lineup. Miguel Tejada went 4-5 to lead the attack for the O’s. David Newhan had a couple of basehits and Danny Ardoin got a baseknock in his first Orioles at bat. Brian Roberts had a single, a walk, and his 33rd steal of the season. Jay Gibbons hit 2 doubles, the second of which knocked in what would eventually be the winning run. Ramon Hernandez and Brandon Fahey went hitless.

Markakis watch: 1-4 (.308)

Daniel Cabrera (7-8, 4.63) looks to achieve some consistency and continue his scoreless streak against Adam Eaton (3-4, 5.17) and the Texas Rangers. You can do it Danny. Go O’s.


Orioles Claim Catcher Off Waivers

August 31, 2006


Catcher Danny Ardoin was claimed off of waivers from the Colorado Rockies. Tim Byrdak was DFA’d to make room on the 40 man roster.

Grade: C

Ardoin takes the place of Chris Widger of backup catcher after Widger injured himself during batting practice yesterday. We’ll have 3 catchers on the roster for September now. Ardoin is described as a “catch and throw guy”, so he shouldn’t do any damage with the bat. Just your average backup catcher. Byrdak has been absolutly terrible this year, most likely because of the injury he suffered early on. But hes getting old and wasn’t really that productive anyway, so let somebody take him off our hands. I would have certainly kept him over Russ Ortiz though…

PTBNL In Conine Deal Revealed

August 31, 2006


Shortstop Angel Chavez was recieved and assigned to AA Bowie. Ed Rogers was DFA’d to make room on the 40 man roster.

Grade: C

Basically just a younger version of Ed Rogers. Hit .276 with 6 homeruns and 28 RBI in 60 games for the Phillies AAA team. Not much more than minor league depth at this point. Which isn’t a bad thing, at least we were able to get rid of Jeff Conine’s contract for next year. Rogers should pass through waivers and be back with us no problem.

Newhan Activated

August 30, 2006


With Jeff Conine being traded, David Newhan was activated from the disabled list.

Grade: C

Newhan was going to be brought up when the rosters expanded on friday anyway, so itsa fairly obvious choice. Some other options would have been Luis Terrero, Ed Rogers, or Keith Reed. With the Patterson injury, will probably play a good amount of time in center field. Went 1-3 with an RBI in his first game back.

O’s Lose Opener In Texas, 9-4

August 30, 2006

Rodrigo Lopez now leads the league in losses with 14.


Lopez probably didn’t pitch as bad as his line says he did (6 2/3 IP, 7 H, 7 ER, 3 BB, 9 K, 1 HR), but he still didn’t pitch good. Lopez left the game in the 7th with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Tim Byrdak came in and allowed all 3 of the inherited runners to score, plus a run of his own, without recording an out. James Hoey came in and got the final out, but not before giving up a run of his own. Amazingly Russ Ortiz came in and pitched a perfect 8th, even striking somebody out. You know its a rough day when Russ Ortiz pitched the best of all your pitchers.


The hitting didn’t really do too much either. Nick Markakis hit a double in the top of the first, but was stranded at third. Kevin Millar had 2 hits including a double. Maybe we can trade him for a PTBNL to a contender looking for a bat off the bench. Jay Gibbons hit a double to score a run. Ramon Hernandez hit a 2 run single. Corey Patterson was 1 for 1 before he made a running catch and banged into the wall. He was replaced by David Newhan, fresh off the DL. Newhan had a hit and an RBI and Miguel Tejada rounded out the last hit. Hopefully Patterson’s injury isn’t too serious, but he couldn’t lift his shoulder above his head, so thats not particularly a good sign. An outfield of Brandon Fahey, Newhan, and Markakis doesn’t sound too productive to me.


Markakis watch: 1-4 (.309)

Tonight, its game 2 of the series and the O’s will have Kris Benson (10-10, 4.88) on the mound. He will be countered by Robinson Tejeda (3-3, 6.42) for the Rangers. I’m seeing some long balls tonight. Go O’s.

O’s Win In A Walk Off…Again, 5-4

August 28, 2006

LaTroy Hawkins gets the win this time, his 2nd.


Adam Loewen started and struggled a little bit, but still held the Devil Rays to 3 runs over 5 innings. He struck out 2, walked 2, and gave up 9 hits. The walks have come a long way since when he was first brought up. Jim Hoey made his second appearance since being called up. It seems like he was still a little nervous. He pitched 2 innings, the second of which was much better than the first. He gave up a solo homerun and a walk while striking out one. Tim Byrdak started out the 8th, gave up 2 hits and was pulled in favor of Todd Williams. Williams pitched a scoreless inning, only walking one. LaTroy Hawkins gave up a hit in a scoreless ninth to get the win.


The hitting was consistent, and again, did enough to get the win. Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Melvin Mora, Miguel Tejada, and Kevin Millar all had 2 hits. Tejada and Millar with doubles. Jeff Conine also had a double and the game tying RBI in his last game as an Oriole. Corey Patterson and Chris Widger also had hits. A nice comeback victory, scoring run in the last 3 innings.

Markakis watch: 2-5 (.309)

Another day off on Monday before the team heads to Texas for a 3 game series. In game 1 it’ll be Rodrigo Lopez (9-13, 6.03) against Kevin Millwood (12-9, 4.73). Prospect Hayden Penn’s next start will be with the big club, which is exciting. Go O’s.

Conine Gone

August 27, 2006


Jeff Conine was traded to the Phillidelphia Phillies today for a PTBNL.

Grade: B+

It doesn’t matter who we get back really, just the fact that we got rid of Conine’s salary for next year is great. We had to kick in some cash, but that doesn’t really matter to me either. I have no idea what we’re going to get in return, but its probably a mid-level prospect. Either an outfielder or a relief pitcher I would hazzard to guess. Good deal, now lets get rid of Russ Ortiz and I’ll be happy.

O’s Take Series From Devil Rays, 3-2

August 27, 2006

Chris Ray wins his second game of the year.


Erik Bedard started the game and had a fine performance. Even though he gave up a career high in hits (11), he didn’t walk anybody, only gave up 2 runs over 7 innings, and struck out 6 batters. It was a gritty performance and took some getting out of jams. He did get some help from Jeff Conine out in left field though. Conine made a pair of nice plays, first throwing out Carl Crawford at home plate and also making a diving catch on a Jarge Cantu shot. Todd Williams pitched a perfect 8th to get the ball to Chris Ray for the 9th. Ray struck out a batter in his inning. It was tied going into the bottom of the ninth…


…and we pulled off the victory in walk off fashion. Corey Patterson got on board with a single, stole second for his 39th of the season, and then scored on a Ramon Hernandez single up the middle. Everyone but Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons had a hit. Nick Markakis had 2, including his 12th homerun of the year, and so did Miguel Tejada. Jeff Conine also did his part with the bat, tying the game up in the 7th with his 9th homerun. It wasn’t pretty but it was a win nonetheless.

Markakis watch: 2-4 (.308)

Tomorrow afternoon we go for the sweep, and we’ll do so against youngster J.P. Howell (0-1, 10.80). It was supposed to be rising star Scott Kazmir, but he was placed on the DL today. Good for us, bad for them. We counter with a youngster of our own as Adam Loewen (4-4, 5.57) looks to continue his recent success. Go O’s.

Orioles Shut Out Devil Rays, 4-0

August 26, 2006

Daniel Cabrera wins again. He’s 7-8. Chris Ray gets his 30th save.


Cabrera pitched outstanding for the second straight game. And for the second straight game, he didn’t allow a run. But this time he only went 7 innings instead of 9. He walked 3 and gave up 5 hits. He also had 7 strikeouts. Its pretty encouraging to see back to back great starts by Cabrera. Granted it was the Devil Rays, but if he can get some consistency, Daniel could be a dominant pitcher. LaTroy Hawkins was brought in to start the 8th, but he didn’t last long. He gave up 2 hits and only got one out before Chris Ray was brought in to save the day. Ray recorded his 30th save by pitching 1 2/3rds perfect innings.


The hitting didn’t do much, but they got enough runs on the board to win tonight. Ramon Hernandez and Corey Patterson both had a double and a single each. Kevin Millar added a double of his own. Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, and Jeff Conine had the other 3 hits. Miguel Tejada ended his hit streak by going 0-4. Not too much to say… although its encouraging to see Hernandez starting to hit again.

Markakis watch: 1-3 (.306)

Tomorrow afternoon our ace, Erik Bedard (12-9, 3.98), against James Shields (6-6, 4.74) for the Devil Rays. I’m liking our chances, Tampa Bay is just bad. Go O’s.

O’s Lose Series To Twins, 11-2

August 25, 2006

Kris Benson loses his 10th game of the season to even out his record.


Benson became the second pitcher in as many games to get rocked for double digit hits. He was pulled before he could even get out of the 4th inning, allowing 6 runs on 10 hits. Kris just didn’t have it tonight, leaving too many pitches up in the zone. Bruce Chen came in to relieve him, but I wouldn’t call it that. He pitched the same amount of innings as Benson, but gave up 4 runs on 5 hits and a walk. And then to top it all off, the I-can’t-believe-hes-not-released player of the year, Russ Ortiz comes in to finish the game. In just under 2 innings he gave up 2 hits and a walk to let in one of Chen’s earned runs and one of his own. And he actually lowered his ERA. Simply amazing…


Every starter had exactly one hit tonight, but that only accounted for 2 runs. And both of those came on Ramon Hernandez’ 16th homerun of the season. Brandon Fahey and Miguel Tejada both had doubles, and Nick Markakis had a single and a walk. Boof Bonser and the Twins outstanding bullpen combined to shut us down for the second night in a row. Tejada extends his hitting streak to 12 games.

Markakis watch: 1-3 (.306)

Theres only a week until the rosters expand and the waiver trade deadline passes and there are rumors of LaTroy Hawkins and Jeff Conine being moved. The Yankees and Red Sox are involved in the Hawkins talks (we could send him to Boston for a better overall return on that Javy Lopez trade) and the Phillies are interested in Conine if we kick in some money for the $2 million option for next year. I doubt we trade either of them (we can’t even get rid of Russ Ortiz) but it would be nice if we could. And september call ups could be exciting to watch some kids play.

The Devil Rays come into town tomorrow night for a 3 game series. Daniel Cabrera (6-8, 4.94) tries to imitate his last performance. His counterpart for the evening will be Jason Hammel (0-1, 10.80), who made his MLB debut in April against the O’s and is making his first major league start since April 16th. I think we’ll be able to take this one. Go O’s.