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O’s Re-Sign Chris Gomez

December 18, 2006


The Orioles re-signed Chris Gomez for the bench.

Cost: 1 year/~$1 million

Grade: C

Gomez had a hot streak in September to make his stats look good, but it was in only 132 at bats. He has hit lefties well and he can play all around the infield. I would be ok with it, except we already have Freddie Bynum and Brandon Fahey. I guess this move means Fahey gets sent down to AAA and Bynum will eventually placed on waivers. Not a bad move, but not really a good one either. Chris Gomez won’t really have much of an impact on the Orioles season next year.


Rule 5 Nonsense

December 9, 2006


The Orioles drafted right handed pitcher Alfredo Simon from the Rangers organization, then traded him to the Phillies for their Rule 5 selection. That being catcher Adam Donachie who played in the Royals organization last year. Also among the process, the Orioles lost 1B/DH Josh Phelps to the New York Yankees in the draft.

Grade: F

Its really not acceptable that we lost Josh Phelps in the Rule 5 draft. Not that Phelps is anything special, or was he even guaranteed to start the season with the big league club, but he was more valuable to the O’s than alot of players on the 40 man roster were. All we had to do was place Adam Stern on waivers and put Phelps on the 40 man roster and it would have been impossible to lose him. I don’t think its the end of the world, but it really pisses me off that we made a smart move to sign him to a minor league deal, only to lose him to the Yankees in the Rule 5. As for the other stuff in the draft, it really has no significance. We did the favor for the Phillies since they did one for us last year with Chris Gomez in the same draft.

Orioles Sign Outfielder

December 9, 2006


The Orioles signed outfielder Jay Payton, who played for the Oakland A’s last season.

Payton: .296/.325/.418, 32 doubles, 3 triples, 10 homeruns, 59 RBI, 8 stolen bases

Cost: 2 years/$9.5 million

Grade: C-

I can see this deal going one of two ways. If the O’s don’t acquire another outfielder and Payton is the starting left fielder, I would grade this deal as a D. If we do manage to get someone better to play left field (Marcus Thames?) and Payton becomes the 4th outfielder/center field platoon, then I would grade this signing a C+. Payton would be good in the second scenerio, albeit a very expensive option. Payton plays good defense and shows the occasional pop. He has some speed, but doesn’t have much patience at the plate. Lets hope that the Front Office can trade Rodrigo Lopez and get back a real left fielder so they can make this signing look good. (Or at least better.)

Orioles Make Annual Trade With Cubs

December 7, 2006


The Orioles acquired utility player Freddie Bynum from the Cubs for a player to be named later.

Bynum: .257/.308/.456, 5 doubles, 5 triples, 4 homeruns, 12 RBI, 8 stolen bases

Grade: C

I’m curious as to who the player to be named later will be, but I doubt it’ll be anyone of any real significance. I would say Adam Stern if I had to guess at this point. I guess the Front Office is thinking that Bynum can take over Chris Gomez’ role. Gomez had a hot ending to his year and will most likely sign elsewhere. Not a bad trade unless the PTBNL is shocking, Bynum is 26 and he has some pop in his bat to go along with his speed. Helps the bench which is always a weak point for recent Oriole squads.

Update: The player to be named later turned out to be minor league pitcher Kevin Hart. Nothing special, my grade will stay the same.

Orioles Re-Sign Millar

December 3, 2006


The Orioles re-signed Kevin Millar to a 1 year deal worth $2.75 million and an option for 2008.

Grade: C

Theres nothing wrong with the signing, unless Millar is the starting first baseman all season. Millar would be fine as a back up 1B/DH, as he can get on base at a high rate, but he doesn’t have the power that a first baseman/designated hitter should. The option for 2008 is a vesting option that is based on a certain amount of at bats. Hopefully that means they don’t plan on him being a full time player or that they plan on trading him at the deadline, like Jeff Conine this year.

Orioles Sign 4th Reliever

December 1, 2006


The Orioles signed relief pitcher Chad Bradford, formerly of the Mets, to a 3 year deal.

Bradford: 4-2, 2.90 ERA, 2 saves, 62 IP, 1.16 WHIP, 6.53 K/9

Cost: 3 years/$10.5 million

Grade: A

Bradford is my favorite to be the best of all the relief pitcher signings. He came cheaper than Walker and Baez despite being better than both. He has been solid throughout his career and is an extreme groundball pitcher, especially to right handed hitters. He also rarely gives up homeruns. Bradford is best known for his role in the book “Moneyball”. Besides the Mets, he has pitched for the Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago White Sox. This is the 4th signing for the bullpen, completing (I would think) the reworking of an awful group last year. This new version is without a doubt much improved. Now its time to move on to the other areas of weakness.