Ramon Hernandez to the Disabled List


The Orioles placed catcher Ramon Hernandez on the disabled list this morning and recalled left handed pitcher Kurt Birkins to take his place on the 25 man roster.

Grade: F

This is so dumb. Our bench is absolutely horrible as it is, while our bullpen hasn’t been taxed in any way. Even with our starters not being so reliable, we already have 7 relief pitchers. Two of which have only gotten into one game so far. This makes no sense to me. Our bench right now is Alberto Castillo, Chris Gomez, and Freddie Bynum. That has to be by far the worst bench in the history of Major League Baseball. To make matters worse, we have players in AAA like Jon Knott, Jason DuBois, and JR House that can flat out hit the ball (we need some pop from the bench), but we decide to bring up an 8th bullpen arm that will probably not see much action at all, if any, when either Ramon Hernandez or Jay Payton comes off of the DL. Stupid.


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