Payton Off DL


The Orioles took Jay Payton off the disabled list yesterday, sending Jon Knott back down to AAA Norfolk.

Grade: F

There is simply no possible way you can justify this move. And no, I’m not talking about bringing back Jay Payton from the DL. I’m talking about sending Jon Knott down to AAA, while Freddie Bynum gets to stay with the big club. I would seriously like to know when and how Bynum is going to be used. Certainly not as a late inning defensive replacement, not with Payton back – there is no need. Certainly not for a pinch runner late in the game, not with Payton back – theres is no need. The only possible situation that Freddie Bynum will be “needed” is if Jay Payton is already in the game, and our catcher gets to first base late in the game. Then, I guess Perlozzo could put in Bynum to run and then put the other catcher into the game to finish it off. But is that really more important than having a bat on the bench that can crush left handed pitching, a big Oriole weakness by the way, and is most likely a better hitter than Bynum, Paul Bako, and Alberto Castillo combined against right handed pitching. I guarantee that Jon Knott would have gotten much more playing time than Freddie Bynum, and also would have won the Orioles more games than him. Bynum is someone that could be easily replaced at any time, where Knott is a guy that the Orioles have never seemed to find, but when we do – we don’t use him. Pathetic.


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