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June 16, 2007

I’m done with this team until they make some changes. It is pathetic how this team is being run. First of all, Sam Perlozzo needs to be fired. He’s terrible. Terry Crowley also needs to go. We have had the same problems for the last 10 years. I wonder why that is? Maybe its because we’ve had basically the same coaching staff all this time. We refuse to shake things up. The Orioles haven’t made a player move in a long time, yet we wonder why we keep on losing. Why not bring up some new blood, it can’t be worse than what we have now.

With Jay Gibbons and Corey Patterson batting under .210 and OPS’ under .600, Paul Bako and Alberto Castillo as our catching tandem, and pretty much every hitter on the team under performing, how can we expect to win? What is Freddie Bynum doing on this team? We have players in Norfolk like JR House, Jason DuBois, Jon Knott, Garrett Olson, Cory Doyne, Jim Hoey, and Rob Bell who are ready for a shot in the Majors NOW. Why not bring up a hand full of these guys and see what they can do? What is Todd Williams doing on this team? Send down Todd Williams, John Parrish, Freddie Bynum, and Alberto Castillo and bring up JR House, Jon Knott, Cory Doyne, and Jim Hoey. Trade Steve Trachsel while his value is at its peak and bring up Garrett Olson to take his spot in the rotation to get him ready for next year. Fire Sam Perlozzo NOW, and bring in somebody that has a clue in the dug out. After the season, clear out the entire coaching staff except for Leo Mazzone at Pitching Coach, and let the new manager select his own staff. Actively try to trade players like Jay Gibbons, Cory Patterson, Melvin Mora, Steve Trachsel, Todd Williams, Danys Baez, etc. and lets do this thing the right way.

There is absolutely no reason for the Orioles to be this bad and not do ANYTHING to try and improve themselves. So until they actually do take that step, I am done posting on this blog about this team. I’ll still be a fan, but I’m not going to spend any time out of my schedule to go above and beyond for this team. I will be back, but not until some changes are made. Its a shame too because the Orioles had an excellent draft last week. Hopefully we can turn this around sooner rather than later. Go O’s.


O’s Win One, Lose 3 To Angels

June 4, 2007

Blame the loss on Sunday on Perlozzo….again….