MLB Draft: Day 2


The Orioles made 27 selections on day 2. They’ll close it out with the last 20 tomorrow.

Round 4: CC RHP Randy Henry
Round 5: Oklahoma City LHP Ashur Tolliver
Round 6: South Carolina C Justin Dalles
Round 7: HS LHP Aaron Wirsch
Round 8: East Carolina LF Devin Harris
Round 9: Rice RHP Ryan Berry
Round 10: San Jacinto RHP Jacob Cowan
Round 11: HS C Michael Ohlman
Round 12: Virginia Tech CF Steve Bumbry
Round 13: UC Davis 2B Tyler Kelly
Round 14: HS RHP David Baker
Round 15: Stanton RHP Garrett Bush
Round 16: Diablo Valley RHP Ryan Palsha
Round 17: Georgia RHP Jeffrey Walters
Round 18: Bakersfield LHP Jarret Martin
Round 19: Indiana LF Kipp Schutz
Round 20: Lamar RHP James Brandhorst
Round 21: William And Mary RHP Kevin Landry
Round 22: HS LHP Cameron Coffey
Round 23: Florida SS Michael Mooney
Round 24: Louisiana Monroe LHP Justin Anderson
Round 25: CC LHP Jay Johnson
Round 26: CC LHP Michael Mechaw
Round 27: CC RF Michael Planeta
Round 28: HS CF Kyle Hoppy
Round 29: HS CF Brandon Alexander
Round 30: Palomar CF Brenden Webb

I can’t really give a grade for these picks because I don’t know anything about any of them. I played high school baseball against Steve Bumbry, but that was a while ago. Lets just hope some of those arms turn out good.


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