Moeller Re-Signs

The Orioles signed C Chad Moeller back on a minor league contract and invite to spring training.

Grade: C+

This seemed like only a matter of time. He’ll be the heavy favorite to win the backup catcher position in spring training in the competition with Michel Hernandez and Craig Tatum. Moeller is a great guy to have at back up catcher; he doesn’t demand alot of playing time, he can work with Wieters on improving his catching skills, and he works well with the young pitchers. The Orioles would be exciting if Moeller repeated his performance from 2009, but over more games.


2 Responses to “Moeller Re-Signs”

  1. Peter Says:

    I agree with your Gonzalez grade…Atkins should be a bit higher IMO, simply because of his potential. At worse, we get similar production as Mora last year, or perhaps Wigginton takes over later in the year. At best, Atkins becomes a well above average hitter. AM got a replacement that has the upside that Mora and other potential targets like Crede do not have.

    Risk/Reward is very good in this signing…the kind of moves a team like the O’s has to make when competiting with the astronomical payrolls of NY and BOS.

    • tank222 Says:

      I think we agree for the most part. I just think the odds are against a complete rebound for Atkins. My prediction for his 2010 season right now is .270/.335/.445, 16 HR, 65 RBI over a full season. I just haven’t been an Atkins fan over the years. But for the contract we signed him at, hes fine. I’m still hoping we sign Adrian Beltre and move Atkins to first base until Snyder is ready. (June?)

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