Hughes Time Runs Out

The Orioles have sent 1B Rhyne Hughes to AAA Norfolk and recalled LHP Alberto Castillo.

I’m not sure why the O’s brought up another relief pitcher instead of a bat. The starters have been going long enough that we haven’t needed to use the bullpen too much anyway. Matt Albers just went a week stretch without pitching. With the way we’ve been hitting you’d think we’d want another option on the bench. I’m fine with Hughes being sent down, he just hasn’t been hitting. After starting out hot hes fallen to a .213/.275/.255 slash line. Maybe if he can get back to where he was we’ll see him again sometime this year. Castillo had a 5.40 ERA in 5 innings his first time up this year. In AAA Norfolk hes pitched 8 innings with 8 strikeouts and 3 walks to the tune of a 3.38 ERA. Maybe they knew about David Hernandez’ shoulder issues last night and wanted to make sure we had enough pitchers to get through today. I don’t see us staying with a 13 man pitching staff for very long with our offense right now.


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