Cla Meredith Optioned

The Orioles have optioned RHP Cla Meredith to AAA Norfolk to make room for RHP Chris Tillman on the 25 man roster. They also placed RHP Jim Johnson on the 60 day disabled list.

I thought it was going to be Alberto Castillo that was the odd man out but I’m fine with it being Meredith instead. Hes been pretty awful this year, especially in high leverage situations. As a supposed ground ball pitcher he hasn’t seemed to get very many ground balls. With his arm angle when he leaves balls up in the zone it just spins at batting practice speed and is very hittable. He only pitched in 15 innings over 21 appearances with 7 strikeouts and 4 walks to go along with a 5.40 ERA. Most of the time when he was brought into the game he only faced a batter or two at a time. Thats just a waste of a bullpen spot. We need guys that can go at least an inning, or at least a manager that will allow the pitchers to do so. I’d also like to see pitchers that can get batters out from both sides of the plate. Having lefty and righty specialists just limits your options and can leave you short handed on occasion. I think Castillo will be following Meredith to AAA Norfolk before long and I don’t think either should be anything more than minor league depth on a competitive team at this point.


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