New Manager, Same Results – 11-0 Loss

W – Clay Buchholz (8-3)     L – Chris Tillman (0-1)

Well it was more of the same in Juan Samuel’s first game as the manager. The team certainly didn’t get the spark it was looking for, at least not yet. To be fair the Red Sox are playing very good right now but last night was an embarrassing performance. The offense got shut out on five hits. No extra base hits, two double plays, and 0-3 with runners in scoring position. Its a recurring theme and its unacceptable. Miguel Tejada singled twice and Ty Wiggington, Scott Moore, and Cesar Izturis each singled once. Wiggington also walked. We never threatened at any time during the game and Clay Buchholz only needed two strikeouts and 101 pitches in his complete game shut out.

The pitching wasn’t any better. Chris Tillman only lasted 1.1 innings in his second start of the season. He threw 57 pitches over that span and gave up 4 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks while striking out 2 batters. His stuff didn’t look bad but the Red Sox hitters would keep fouling off pitches until he made a mistake and then they made him pay for it. He has to learn how to finish batters off at the major league level. He also needs to mix up his pitches better. He was throwing too many fastballs and they were timing him. His fastball isn’t bad but its not overpowering. I’d like to see him throw his changeup more often. We’ll see how he does next time out. Mark Hendrickson replaced him and wasn’t much better. He struck out 4 batters over 2.2 innings but also gave up 4 hits and a three run homer. Matt Albers pitched the 5th and 6th, giving up a solo homerun while Frank Mata pitched the 7th and 8th, giving up a solo homerun. Mata made a mistake in the 8th inning when he thought the inning was over after a double play. He tossed the ball towards the mound and starting walking off the field before realizing his mistake. It was kind of funny but I’m sure Samuel wasn’t pleased. Alberto Castillo pitched the 9th inning and got hit around once again for 2 runs on 3 hits and a walk. He needs to go – again.

Player of the game: Miguel Tejada – 2-4 (.263 AVG)

Will the Orioles find another new way to lose tonight against Boston? I wouldn’t bet against it with Jeremy Guthrie (3-5, 3.84) pitching against Jon Lester (6-2, 2.97) and the Red Sox.


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