Trembley Fired, Samuel Interim Manager

The Orioles have fired manager Dave Trembley and promoted third base coach Juan Samuel as the interim manager. AAA Norfolk manager Gary Allenson replaces Samuel as third base coach.

Its been a long time coming but Andy MacPhail finally put Dave Trembley out of his misery, releasing him of his duties to manage the Baltimore Orioles. It was becoming a distraction in the clubhouse as the players knew it was eventually going to happen. Trembley had a 187-283 record in almost three years of managing the club. He just wasn’t good enough. He seemed like a good guy that loved baseball but unfortunately it just didn’t work out here. The team wasn’t responding well to his laid back style and his bullpen management ranged from predictable to outright bad. He continuously overmanaged the late innings, relying on matchups even if the stats didn’t justify them. I wish him luck in his future endeavors and quite frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Juan Samuel takes over and MacPhail indicated that his turn as Orioles manager might not last long. He said that starting now they are going to start the process of finding the full time replacement. It may take a couple weeks or a couple of months but there will certainly be another change before spring training 2011. Samuel served as the third base coach from 2007 to the first couple months of this year. He has received some criticism for his work there, usually for being too aggressive in sending runners home. He has also been in charge of the baserunning which we all know has been suspect at best. His only managing experience came at AA Binghamton in 2006 where he went 70-69 for a second place finish in the Eastern League. He’ll get a chance to showcase himself over at least the next couple of weeks and this is a good opportunity for him to build his resume. Hes a fiery guy that isn’t afraid to call anybody out or to voice his opinions. Hopefully he can spark the club and give certain guys the kick in the butt that they need to get their act together. This is a good step on improving things. The plan is still moving forward. Next we have to get our long term manager and his coaching staff into place and hope our young core of players can make strides to take their game to the next level.


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