2010 MLB Draft: Day 3

Round 31: 3B Adam Gaylord (Stanford)
Round 32: RHP Joe Robinson (College Of South Nevada)
Round 33: RHP Steven Mazur (Notre Dame)
Round 34: SS Samuel Starr (Univ. Of British Columbia)
Round 35: SS Joe Donaldson (Southeastern Univ.)
Round 36: SS Brad Decater (Cal State – Northridge)
Round 37: 2B Austin Knight (Palm Beach CC)
Round 38: CF Jeremy Shelby (Grambling State Univ.) – First base coach John “T-Bone” Shelby’s son.
Round 39: RHP Travis Strong (Palomar)
Round 40: C/1B Joseph Velleggia (Old Dominion)
Round 41: SS David Blanchard (Cherokee County HS)
Round 42: LHP Jacob Petitt (Western Oregon State)
Round 43: OF Blair Dunlap (UCLA)
Round 44: OF Preston Hale (North Florida)
Round 45: RHP Nathan Williams (Scripps Ranch HS)
Round 46: C Daniel Torres (Countryside HS)
Round 47: OF Cody Young (Anderson Univ.)
Round 48: RHP Alex Schmarzo (St. Marys)
Round 49: RHP Hayden Jordan (Whitewater HS)
Round 50: RHP Phillip Walby (Scripps Ranch HS)


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