No Arbitration for Uehara, Millwood

The Orioles declined to offer RHP Koji Uehara and RHP Kevin Millwood arbitration.

This means that the Orioles are unable to receive a draft pick if Millwood or Uehara sign with another team. If they would’ve been offered arbitration they could’ve accepted which would guarantee them a contract with the O’s for 2011. I’m fine with not offering Millwood arbitration because I don’t want him to come back for next season no matter what. Theres a good chance he would’ve accepted since he performed so poorly and he most likely won’t get offered much on the free agent market. Not offering Koji arbitration is a big mistake. Andy MacPhail wants to re-sign him to a one year deal with incentives but was worried he would accept arbitration which would give him a one year deal most likely between $5 and $7 million? Doesn’t make sense to me. Now, if he signs with another team we lose out on a supplemental draft pick in what is supposed to be a very deep draft. The Orioles could still re-sign him and make it a moot point but I still don’t think the risk would be worth it. Koji was outstanding in the second half of 2010 and I’m sure he’ll be coveted despite his injury concerns. Hopefully it works out for us but its a disappointing start to the offseason.


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