Alfredo Simon Accused Of Murder

I never expected to write a headline like that on my Orioles baseball blog… but there it is. RHP Alfredo Simon is the main suspect in the murder of one man and critically injuring of another. There was some incident in the Dominican Republic where Simon lives on New Year’s Eve where he allegedly tried to shoot a gun into the air but instead hit the two people. Former Oriole Miguel Tejada is paying for Simon’s defense attorneys and he says he had nothing to do with the incident. Lets hope thats the case. Even though Simon wasn’t great last year and I didn’t have him penciled in as a member of the bullpen for 2011, he has a live arm and was coming off of tommy john surgery. He would be nice depth to have at AAA Norfolk in case of an injury or under performance. If the allegations are true than he obviously has no place on this team. First of all he wouldn’t be able to gain entry into the US, if hes not in jail already, and I highly doubt the Orioles would keep him on the roster. We’ll see how things play out and take it from there. An ominous start to the new year..

UPDATE: Its being reported that ballistics have determined that the bullet used in the shooting wasn’t from the gun Simon turned into the police. Thats a good development for his case but this thing still has a long way to go. I still think its a long shot that Simon would be able to show up for spring training.


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