Rule 5 Redux; More Cuts

The Orioles have returned rule 5 draft pick RHP Adrian Rosario to the Brewers and also got RHP Pat Egan back from them. Other players cut were catcher Michel Hernandez, infielders Brandon Snyder, Ryan Adams, and Josh Bell, outfielder Matt Angle and pitchers Armando Gabino, Wynn Pelzer, Mike Ballard, Chris Jakubauskas, Alberto Castillo, and Chris George.

Rosario was a longshot to make the team but I was hoping we could keep him in the organization somehow. He has a great arm and alot of potential. We do get Egan back, who could help out in the bullpen at some point this year. He had a good chance to make the Brewers bullpen but I’m sure some kind of agreement was made to swap the rule 5 picks. He’ll start out in AAA Norfolk’s bullpen. None of the cuts are surprising. Bell showed up in much better shape and helped erase some of the memory of his big league tryout last year. He’ll play third base every day for Norfolk and hope to make it back to the Orioles later in the year. He needs to regain some of his prospect status. Adams hit the ball great in spring training and put himself on the radar but he still has to work alot on his defense and attitude. Snyder really needs a good year before he gets passed up on the first base list by Joe Mahoney. Angle is a potential fourth outfielder in the making but he doesn’t have a place on the team with Felix Pie here. All of the pitchers are organizational types that don’t have a great shot of pitching for the Orioles this year.


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