O’s Extend Hardy

The Orioles have signed SS JJ Hardy to a three year contract extension worth $22.5 million.

This is a good deal. As bad as the Orioles have been over the past month Hardy has been a bright spot. The Orioles traded two minor league relievers for him over the offseason to replace Cesar Izturis at shortstop. We knew he would hit better than Izturis (because really, who doesn’t) but hes even been better with the glove. If he can stay healthy which has been an issue over his career, even missing about a month early in this season, he’ll give us steady production out of a hard spot on the field to fill. I was expected him to get paid more than $7.5 million per season so I think we got a deal there. Hardy would’ve been one of our best assets to use at the trade deadline but instead he’ll man shortstop until top prospect Manny Machado is ready. Then he can either move to second base or Machado can start his career at third base. Despite currently being in the midst of a slump, Hardy is hitting .275/.332/.490 for the year with 15 doubles, 13 homeruns, and 33 RBI mostly out of the leadoff spot in the lineup. He took over Brian Roberts role and has done a good job there hitting three leadoff homeruns. O’s fans don’t have much to cheer for lately but this definitely qualifies as one.


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