Dan Duquette Replaces MacPhail

The Orioles have announced that former Expos and Red Sox GM Dan Duquette has replaced Andy MacPhail as executive vice president of baseball operations.

Duquette hasn’t been heard from since he was fired by Boston following the 2002 season. He has had success in the past, building a championship caliber team in Montreal before the strike ruined their season in 1994 and putting together most of the 2004 world series winning Red Sox roster before he was fired. He traded for Pedro Martinez twice, signed Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon. He has legitimate credentials and has alot of ties to Japan and South America which is a big need for the Orioles. His style won’t be too much different from MacPhail’s aside from the international market, but he probably won’t be as conservative. I’m just worried his time away from the game will have him playing catch up while other teams are making their moves. The Orioles strung along the process of hiring the new GM in traditional Peter Angelos fashion. Taking forever to get the process started, dragging out the initial interviews. He waited until right before free agency started to offer the job to Toronto assistant GM Tony LaCava, only to have him turn down the job and forcing the O’s to go through the whole process over again. Another one of our candidates, Jerry DiPoto, took the Angels GM job. This team is the biggest joke in baseball and its embarrassing. Duquette seems like a good baseball guy but hes gonna have his work cut out for him working for this organization. If hes allowed to do his job we might have a chance for some good years but I don’t think we’ll ever be truly competitive again until Angelos sells the team. The sooner the better.

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