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Jason Grimsley Names Orioles In Steroid Affadevit

October 2, 2006


Jason Grimsley named 6 players that used anabolic steroids in his affadevit. He told investigators that Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, David Segui, Miguel Tejada, Jay Gibbons, and Brian Roberts had used steroids when he was teammates with them. Naturally, all the players mentioned have denied that they have ever used steroids. Except for David Segui, who said he was using HGH because of a doctor’s prescription and that the Orioles knew about it. We’ll have to see where this leads, but theres no way to prove it one way or another yet. Is there any reason for Grimsley to lie? Or was he just trying to get the investigators off his back? Will we ever know the truth? Only time will tell…


American League Wins All-Star Game, 3-2

July 12, 2006

I was wrong this time in my prediction, but thats ok because it was a great game. Pitching dominated most of the action until the 9th inning. With the AL trailing 2-1 in the top of the 9th with 2 outs a man on first, Troy Glaus bounced a double over the wall to put 2 men in scoring position. Then Michael Young (the eventual MVP of the game) ripped a triple into right center field. Mariano Rivera closed out the game for the American League in the bottom half of the 9th. The other scoring came on an impressive opposite field homerun by Vladimir Guerrero off of a 99 mph fastball from Brad Penny in the 2nd inning, a line drive homerun by David Wright to tie the game, and a wild pitch by Roy Halladay that brought in Carlos Beltran, who had stolen 2nd and 3rd base to set that up. Vernon Wells made the defensive play of the game, in my opinion, when he threw out Alfonso Soriano from center field on a single up the middle by Beltran.

Miguel Tejada went 0-1 with a bounce out to the pitcher. Not much playing time for our lone all-star representative. Nothing doing today, but then start the second half off with a 4 game series at home against the Rangers. Tomorrow’s match up is Daniel Cabrera against Vicente Padilla. I know I always predict a win, and I’m gonna do it again. Go O’s.

Ryan Howard Wins Home Run Derby

July 11, 2006

Just as I predicted, Ryan Howard won the homerun derby tonight. I had a feeling that he would do it. Even though he had to hit 4 homeruns with 9 outs in the first round just to make it to the second round. He hit 10 more in the second round to advance to the final. In the end he hit 5 homeruns to beat David Wright’s 4. Wright put on a impressive performance in the first round, hitting 16 homeruns. He tired after that, only hitting 2 in the second round. Howard was also the first person I’ve ever seen hit the Mastercard “Hit It Here” sign, which he did with his final homerun.

Miguel Tejada could only manage 3 homeruns and didn’t advance, but one of the shots was 461 feet. Better luck in the all-star game tomorrow night Miggy. I predict a national league win, 7-4. I think the MVP will be Albert Pujols. (Shocker, I know)