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Getting Married

September 16, 2010

Starting today I will be unable to write my blog again until September 27th. I just moved to a new apartment and don’t have internet access yet. On top of that I’m getting married on Sunday and going on my honeymoon from the 19th to the 26th. I wish I was having my honeymoon early in the season when the Orioles were doing terrible but they’ll just have to continue their recent success without me. I will update everything I missed when I return and things will get back to normal after that. I apologize for the upcoming delay but I thank anyone that finds the time to read my blog. See ya soon.


Mini Vacation

May 28, 2010

I’m going away for Memorial Day weekend and won’t have internet access so don’t be alarmed that I don’t update the blog for the next few days. When I get back on Monday I’ll recap the Toronto series and write up Down On The Farm reports for each day I missed. Hopefully I can report on a manager firing if we’re lucky… Thanks for understanding and make sure to check back Monday evening when I get caught back up.

The Oriole Report Is Now On Facebook

July 8, 2009

oriole report logo

To go along with following The Oriole Report on twitter, you can now join The Oriole Report group on facebook.

Follow The Oriole Report On Twitter

June 14, 2009


I’ve started a twitter page for the blog to give some more immediate reactions to things happening around the O’s. You can follow me here:

You can also find the latest tweets at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

Thanks to anyone that has been reading. I welcome all comments on any of my posts.

I’m Back

June 7, 2009

Wow, its been a while. I went on protest 2 years ago, but that didn’t last long because Andy MacPhail was brought in and Sam Perlozzo was fired. Around that time, I also started the process of becoming a United States Post Office employee. I was using most of my time and energy towards starting my new job and getting my own place. I didn’t feel like I had the time or energy to give the blog the necessary attention it needed. Then I kind of forgot about it while everything in my life was going on. But I never stopped being a fan of the Orioles or paying attention to them.

In fact, I think this organization is in the best position its been in since at least 1997. MacPhail came in and turned this thing around. Trading our best hitter and best pitcher for a haul of 10 players/prospects was the start. Putting more money in the draft and in international scouting was the next step. We have since then accumulated arguably the best group of pitching prospects in baseball, as well as the best prospect in all of baseball – that being Matt Wieters. And Wieters has arrived as everyone knows, although hes off to a slow start in his first week. No worries about him BTW. I think this team could be competitive next year, and really start contending for a playoff spot in 2011. Names like Markakis, Jones, Riemold, Wieters, and Roberts (and soon, Tillman, Arrieta, Matusz, Patton, Snyder, Erbe, Hernandez, etc.) are going to lead the O’s back to the top of the sport, where they belong. I can’t wait, but the process to getting there should be fun albiet frustrating at times.

With all that said, I feel like I have enough time to get this thing back off the ground. I hope to blog about this team all the way to our next World Series. Its good to be back.


June 16, 2007

I’m done with this team until they make some changes. It is pathetic how this team is being run. First of all, Sam Perlozzo needs to be fired. He’s terrible. Terry Crowley also needs to go. We have had the same problems for the last 10 years. I wonder why that is? Maybe its because we’ve had basically the same coaching staff all this time. We refuse to shake things up. The Orioles haven’t made a player move in a long time, yet we wonder why we keep on losing. Why not bring up some new blood, it can’t be worse than what we have now.

With Jay Gibbons and Corey Patterson batting under .210 and OPS’ under .600, Paul Bako and Alberto Castillo as our catching tandem, and pretty much every hitter on the team under performing, how can we expect to win? What is Freddie Bynum doing on this team? We have players in Norfolk like JR House, Jason DuBois, Jon Knott, Garrett Olson, Cory Doyne, Jim Hoey, and Rob Bell who are ready for a shot in the Majors NOW. Why not bring up a hand full of these guys and see what they can do? What is Todd Williams doing on this team? Send down Todd Williams, John Parrish, Freddie Bynum, and Alberto Castillo and bring up JR House, Jon Knott, Cory Doyne, and Jim Hoey. Trade Steve Trachsel while his value is at its peak and bring up Garrett Olson to take his spot in the rotation to get him ready for next year. Fire Sam Perlozzo NOW, and bring in somebody that has a clue in the dug out. After the season, clear out the entire coaching staff except for Leo Mazzone at Pitching Coach, and let the new manager select his own staff. Actively try to trade players like Jay Gibbons, Cory Patterson, Melvin Mora, Steve Trachsel, Todd Williams, Danys Baez, etc. and lets do this thing the right way.

There is absolutely no reason for the Orioles to be this bad and not do ANYTHING to try and improve themselves. So until they actually do take that step, I am done posting on this blog about this team. I’ll still be a fan, but I’m not going to spend any time out of my schedule to go above and beyond for this team. I will be back, but not until some changes are made. Its a shame too because the Orioles had an excellent draft last week. Hopefully we can turn this around sooner rather than later. Go O’s.

Going Away For the Weekend

August 5, 2006

As the headline says, I will be going away for the weekend. Its a family reunion type event and I won’t have access to the internet while I’m out. I’ll update each game individually when I get back, probably monday morning. I’ll be able to watch the games, just won’t be able to get on the internet. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll see you when I get back. In the meantime, check out for a different perspective on the O’s and those Gnats across the street.

Vacation Time, Next Update – July 8th

June 29, 2006

Unfortunatly I will be going on vacation starting tomorrow and I won’t have access to my computer or the internet the whole time. I would love nothing more than to be able to keep up my daily (for the most part) posts. I promise to be back on the 8th with my take on the games, transactions, and any all-star game news.

Sorry for the delay already, it will most likely be the last one for at least the summer. Probably for a while. Hopefully the O’s can continue their recent play while I’mout of touch. The only thing I will have is phone updates for every Orioles HR and final score. I hope everyone enjoys what I have written so far, thanks for listening to what I have to say. I’ll be back, I promise.

Go O’s.

The Oriole Report Is Born

June 17, 2006

I’ve decided that I cannot contain my interest and opinions on the Baltimore Orioles to myself anymore. I’m tired of debating with myself and only having myself to go to when it comes to intelligent conversation on the topic of baseball and the orioles. Of course there are numorous blogs and websites that do a great job with information and analysis on the Orioles, and believe me, I read most of them. I am a proud member of, which is easily the best website out there for all your Baltimore Oriole needs.

What I want to do is give my take on all the games the O’s play and all the transactions that the O’s make. I plan on giving each transaction a grade, while briefly breaking down each players performance for any games I am able to watch all the way through.

I don’t know how often I will be able to post, but I will try to keep the site as up to date as possible. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. I figured one more blog following the Orioles couldn’t hurt, and if theres anyone interested in the team as much as me, every blog I can add to my bookmarks is a bonus.

So I will leave my first post saying hello to anyone that cares to read this blog.

The Orioles currently stand at 30-38, just coming off a disappointing trip in Toronto and heading into New York to face the Mets on a 3 game losing streak. Heres hoping we can surprise the first place Mets and get moving in the right direction as interleague play starts up again. I have work tomorrow night, so I probably won’t be able to catch much of the game…but I will be keeping an eye on it.